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This website was designed with you in mind and deals with domestic violence and abuse, plus surviving, moving forward in your life, reality checks, and deserving a better life!

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Do not let the scars of the past determine where you are going. There can be many years of many tears, but there can be many miles of many smiles!  Become a survivor!

B. B.
Review - December 17, 2015

Becky Conrad's quest for love, kindness, honesty, and truth almost epic in its scope and duration. Through her series of doors she brings us on her journey out of intense and mind-numbing darkness into a life of promise, love, and acceptance. Her development from a trusting, inexperienced, painfully naive youngster to a strong, committed, single-minded self-protectionist was possible only through her feisty and determined challenge of everything she believed was wrong. Her story of believing is a guiding light to anyone who is surrounded by bullying, degradation, humiliation, intimidation, and obtuse megalomania administered at the hand of the men in her life. We like to use cowardly euphemisms such as "domestic abuse" or "domestic violence", but Becky stands up and shouts "NO!" Euphemisms are polite, indirect, genteel substitutes, alternatives, and understatements used by elitists and ignorant others who have never experienced the horrific realities that some people inflict upon others. The terms of yesteryear are much more graphic, descriptive, and deservedly stigmatic: "wife-beater", "child molester", "rapist", "disrespectful", "insulting", "delusional", "egotist", and "sadist". I have spent almost my whole life wondering why my mother and grandmother stayed with their cruel husbands. Becky's revelations have enabled me to begin to understand. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can endure so much pain and not lose faith, give up, or just lay down and die. The strength and commitment of Becky, my mother, and my grandmother are signal fires to all of us to remain vigilant and realize that there is so much we can do to help someone in need. BRAVA!


Ann B. Keller
Review - July 13, 2008

How many of us wear a social mask, putting forth the façade, the face of what we want others to see?  The title of this novel is well suited to the story itself.  From the moment that sweet young Becky meets handsome and rich Bob Dillough, she’s swept along on a romantic tsunami that promises she’ll live happily ever after.  Becky’s “prince”, however, is far from perfect.
Although Bob wines and dines his young bride, he is severely flawed.  He drinks too much, lies, cheats on Becky and has more excuses than a tardy high school student.  As Bob’s behavior turns increasingly violent, Becky starts looking for a way out of her predicament, even though she is assailed by guilt for her failing marriage.  I held my breath when Bob literally shoved a gun into Becky’s face!  For a few terrible moments, her life hung in the balance.  Thankfully, Becky was able to escape Bob’s clutches and this book is a strong statement against domestic violence and abuse in all its forms.  What makes The Door of Façade all the more compelling is that it is a true story - Becky’s story.  I can’t wait to read her second novel to learn the good news!
Ann B. Keller

Writer’s Digest 15th Annual International
Self-Published Book Awards Commentary. 2007
- Book Content

Author's note: Even though I did not win this contest, the critique below is invaluable to me to improve my writing career.

Author: Becky Conrad

Judge’s commentary:

What did you like best about this book?

Ms. Conrad writes from the heart with such direct honesty and sincerity that throughout we readers not only pull for her, but we mentally urge her along, wishing her strength to leave her husband, which she ultimately is able to do. Women especially will understand (I do) what she experienced, how difficult her situation was in those days. Through the author’s vivid narrative we feel this brave women’s pain.

The dialog is effective, moving the story along and creating images of the characters, particularly herself and her husband; the reader will hate the man and be outraged at this deceitful, unacceptable behavior. A memoir, the book validates the author’s plight. Her desperate experiences can also be a cautionary tale for other abused women. Her honest recall is commendable.

The cover is telling, with the door ajar, and what one finds behind it. “FAÇADE accurately describes the author’s marriage.

The author is a good fluid writer. Hopefully she will continue her craft.


I have donated both of my books to numerous libraries in Ohio. I feel the need to do this, as I know sometimes money is an issue with someone dealing with Domestic Violence and abuse, and purchasing them could be a hardship when they have other priorities with their limited funds. Plus, there is also the possibility someone suffering violence and abuse against them, cannot have a book of this nature in their home, but can sometimes go to a library and safely read it there.

Over time, I would like to send more books to different libraries. If you know of a library that would be willing to accept my books, feel free to contact me through my website, and let me know about them. I will do what I can.

Stay safe.
My best regards, Becky Conrad




My book, The Door of Façade – by Becky Conrad, is a memoir book about Domestic Violence, abuse in many forms, and choices — both good and bad. Although the events in the book took place a long time ago, sad to say, it still continues today. Every nine seconds a woman is battered in the United States.
And yes, the memories are still there, but I have learned to get beyond them. You can too.

Will my memoirs  make you laugh, cry, be angry, and think about your own choices? 

The book’s content is graphic, explicit, detailed and true. If I had sugarcoated it, the content would not have had the impact or the meaning I tried to convey to the readers. You cannot sugarcoat Domestic Violence and Abuse. It was the way it was, and it is the way it is.

My hope is that someone who reads my book will recognize themselves in their situation, get out, and become a survivor as I did. It is a very hard road to travel – hard to get through the pain, humiliation, embarrassment  and go beyond it all and have a better life. It can be done. You can do it too.
I invite you to take a journey with me.

I am currently working as the W.I.S.H. (Women in Safe Homes) Facilitator at the Victim Assistance office in my local area. Scheduled sessions are held for victims going through the court system or for anyone who wishes to attend and get help. As a Facilitator, I help them deal with the abuse and the violence against them, helping them to cope, and helping them to get a better life for themselves. They deserve it. (I am neither a lawyer nor a counselor.)

Because Domestic Violence and abuse was finally recognized in 1978, first by the state of Michigan, it took many years for other states to follow and become recognized nationwide. In 1994, the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act was formed. This was statewide, which involved the right of crime victims to have their cases heard and represented.

The statistics available today, speak for themselves.



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No one can ruin your life, only if you let them. 
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So much is out there for you to become a survivor.

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Newspaper Article on Becky Conrad

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