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(ISBN - 0-7414-3363-X)


Writer’s Digest 15th Annual International
Self-Published Book Awards Commentary. 2007
- Book Content

Author's note: Although I did not win this contest, the critique is invaluable to me to improve on my writing career.

Author: Becky Conrad


Category: Nonfiction

Judge: 45

Judge’s Commentary:

What did you like best about this book?

If someone has read the first book (as I did), she would wish for more, and want to know how Ms. Conrad did on her own, how she grew, how she dealt with the inevitable problems she faced, as only one can expect from an abusive situation. So many women can relate to the topic (me included), and readers will be relieved following her travails that there is real hope, even light coming out of the dark, as the title affirms. Realistically we readers know the author would have a difficult time on her own, and that she’d be haunted by Bob and we’d see him again. We’re relieved she finds a little peace, and a new, trustworthy, devoted mate.

Ms. Conrad’s voice is consistent throughout and her dialogue is authentic. A natural writer obviously, with continued practice she will get better and better. No doubt the author found her writing very cathartic during those years of horror and beyond.  

The title is a good one.

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