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There are so many resources today to help you and your children! You can get out – get beyond the abuse and the violence – for your sake, and if there are children involved, for the sake of the children.

FORMS OF ABUSE : Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual, Financial, Verbal and abuse to the elderly and stalking.

Ohio Domestic Violence Network - (Training for Facilitators, Counselors, and Advocates)

About Domestic Violence

Lundy Bancroft- Author - www.lundybancroft.com - very informative website. His Book - "Why Does He Do That?" is a must read for every victim/survivor!

S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation - www.staciefoundation.org - A Mother's Testimony of "Tragedy to Triumph & Forgiveness.

ACADV: Children and the Effects of Domestic Violence

Children of Domestic Violence Statistics

Civic Research Institute -  For updated information on the current legislature regarding Domestic Violence.

Description of and Dealing with Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic Violence FAQs

Ingham.org - This is an excellent website for description of abuse.

Lundy Bancroft - Resources for abuse and recovery

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Office for Victims of Crime – Help for Victims, many topics

Prevent-abuse-now - (Very informative)

Preferred Arrest Policy

Stalking Behavior

Understanding Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse

Victim Assistance - very informative victim assistance website. This website deals with many issues of violence and abuse, even children and the elderly, plus much more.

Victim Assistance Home Page

Violence Against Women Office - Very informative site

Volcano Press

WHY SHE STAYS - (Quote: ‘This is the number one question most people want to understand. The question, however, should be “Why does he batter?” The question, “Why does she stay”, places the blame on the victim. The reality is that the majority of battered women make heroic efforts at leaving, but because of the following reasons, most are unsuccessful.’)

Your Bill of Rights


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